History of events: Sweet Lesbian awakens animal in me

Her sexy smile was innocent but when our eyes met and locked it did something to me that I will probably never understand. I smiled back and waved her to the seat opposite mine, putting away the newspaper I had been trying to read. I could immediately tell she was a sweet lesbian and that busty old lady wanted my horny body. She ordered coffee and we eased into small talk like we had known each other all our lives.

She kept staring at my big tits and I was surprised how it turned me on. My mind was screaming for me to stop being crazy but my body was firmly ignoring all the sensible things my mind was trying to say. She popped the question so suddenly that I gasped loudly.

"When was the last time, horny blonde girl?"

It had been a long time. Too long. I was happily married now and it had last happened when I was in college over 5 years earlier. I told her and she shook her head sadly.

"I can tell," she said cockily.

The coffee shop was almost deserted with just two other tables, a safe distant away, occupied.

"And I am sure it can't have been as nice as it should be," she added sipping her coffee slowly, almost thoughtfully. Anybody looking at us form another table would be sure that we were having a very serious discussion about anything but sex. "Do you have any lesbians idea what I would do to you?"

She stared at me with those confident blue eyes and it felt like I was completely under her spell. Deliciously so.

"Please... not here," I whimpered.

She laughed loudly. It was a confident laugh from a sweet lesbian who knew that she was in total control. She stopped talking and stared at me for a while. I was already wet down there and wondering where all this strong animal reaction was coming from but powerless to stop it. Where had it been lying hidden all these years?

I hardly remember how we got into the hotel room just across the street but there I was seated on the bed next to her, my phone switched off and all the urgent morning appointments forgotten.

She moved further away from me to the head of the bed so that she could look at me better.

"Remove your blouse I want to see your hot breasts," she ordered.

I hurriedly obeyed and liberated my aching nipples. She swung one leg on the bed and her hand went straight to her lesbian pussy rubbing gently through her white panties as she stared at my nipples.

"They are so hard, she purred, "am I the cause of all that trouble?" She was now moaning in pleasure.

Her hands were now rubbing faster and I quickly removed the rest of my clothes. My whole body was aching even as she sat down on the other end of the bed urgently rubbing herself while her eyes devouring my body. Waves of pleasure followed her stare as it explored my body. It was all too much. I removed the rest of my clothes, lay on the bed and spread my legs facing her. I could see how that affected her and she was soon shuddering in sheer pleasure her body shaking violently. She screamed in pleasure as the shaking grew more violent. Finally it stopped and she lay there spent. And we had not even touched each other and still not used dildo.

"Please come here," I begged.

She slowly removed her dripping wet panties and slid her dress up all the way to her breasts. She slowly came to me and rested her very wet pussy on one of my legs. Her sticky cum felt so good on my flesh and I wondered what she was going to do next. The finger she had been using on herself touched the inner part of my thigh and drew a straight line ever so slowly towards my throbbing cunt. I shivered and started begging her to hurry and do something. She ignored my pleas and instead just drew a circle round my suffering throbbing pussy. As she did this she started rubbing herself against my thigh.

I had never imagined myself wanting a woman this bad, let alone an old lesbian. She continued teasing and drew another line on the inside of my other thigh.

Finally she suddenly jammed her tongue into my teen juices and started darting around urgently in my hairy pussy and oh so deliciously. When milf women licking your young cunt, it feels so good! I found myself widening my legs as far apart as they could go to ensure her tongue went in as deeper. She gently touched my nipples as she continues fucking me with her tongue and I could not hold it any more I screamed at the top of my voice as I violently sprayed my juices on her tongue and mouth while arching my back and pushing against her with all my strength. She sucked in the juices while hugging my clitoris with her mouth as I came again and again until it felt that I was cumming blood. Phew, some sweet lesbian porn!