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I've heard about the saunas and I've seen a large gay penis online where those gay guys were really getting it on in hot and steamy places. However, in my little town, you can hardly find a gay big dick that is worth looking at twice, let alone a sauna in which you can choose from all those half-naked and naked bodies.

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Therefore, I decided to get on a bus and go to a big city where these kinds of saunas are quite common place. After settling down in my hotel, I took the city guide I bought and started to study it. I found the address of the most visited sauna in the city and went there. I was very excited and somewhat scared.

I entered and I got a very small towel to cover my body. All the guys with large gay dicks were staring at me and I tried to look like I knew what I was doing. I wandered through the corridors and saw that the guys there didn't talk much, but the butt grabbing and piercing eye contact were just enough communication before casual sex. I sat on a bench and soon, a couple of guys came to sit beside me.

A tall and dark Asian guy (He told me later that he was a gay twink model for website) - a twink was sitting next to me and I dared to look at him. He was already gazing at me, stroking my body with his eyes. He has a bigger dick than me. I didn't have to say a word and we were already kissing. It took him five seconds to get his hands on my large dick, but I was a lot shyer than him. Only when I saw that his huge gay dick was making a little tent out of his towel, I dared to touch it. It was the biggest and the most amazing cock I ever saw. The moment I saw it, I sighed and I wanted it inside my mouth.

I just lowered my head into his lap and started to kiss it. My black Asian prince didn't waste any time as he pushed my head gently toward his glans, stroking his dick with his other hand. I was all for that! I took that gay men penis inside my mouth and started sucking it off fiercely.

It was so big and hard, and I was so grateful for my deep throat and the practiced absence of the gag reflex. I stroked it and sucked it and the Asian guy started moaning. At first they were long, quiet moans, but as his dick started pulsating, his moans became louder and shorter than before.

I knew he was about to cum, and when he tried to pull out of my mouth, I stopped him and swallowed the whole load gladly. We rested for about a minute and parted. However, I realized how much I loved this and that he might be still young. I was ready to have some serious gay fun and a hard anal fuck.